Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spring gorgeousness

There's some absolute beauties launching at the moment so I thought I'd give you a little preview of what I've been using the most. I'll give a proper lowdown on each product in separate posts as they are worthy of an individual review.

Ps That lipstick and cheek stain are really those colours! I'm really loving the luminous lips + dewy skin-verging on full on glossy skin- combo!

So we have (from top left)

Givenchy Le Prisime Visage Color Confetti- a beautiful mosaic type illuminating powder. It's a lot softer than a highlighter so you could use this all over or for the very pale skin tones you could use it as a subtle blush. If that's not reason enough to buy it then the hundreds and thousands filled lid surely is!

Estée Lauder EE Enlighten Even skin tone corrector. This is a very light tinted BB cream that evens out your skin ( it has very little coverage but is incredibly dewy and makes the skin glow). Fab on slightly drier skins, if you have very oily skin you might want to get a sample, also if you have a lot of pigmentation/redness be prepared to do a fair amount of concealing! I do however love, love, love this product.

Clarins Intant Light Lip Oil in Honey. Wow this has got a serious amount of hype around it. It's a clear gel gloss without too much stickiness. I love the sweet honey scent which makes it tempting to lick it off, I do find it moisturising once it's on but when it wears off I find my lips feel a bit dehydrated (has anyone else found this??!)

Dior Cheek & Lipglow. A uber bright (read: neon) coral pink cheek and lip tint. Think Beaute Flouron, By Terry Tint to Lip and Aqualip. I adore the packaging, it's about the size of a nail polish and has a cute little ball applicator. This works beautifully on both lips and cheeks- you must work fast though as it dries super quick! It has a slight cooling effect so perfect for summer.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in 52 Rosy Coral. That infamous lipstick. No explanation needed :)