Thursday, May 31, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Sizzle Lipgloss Swatch & Review (Escapism Collection)

Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in 046 Sizzle is a bright red-tangerine color with a glossy finish and no shimmer. It's been released with the Escapism Collection so I'm not sure if it is being made permanent. It's quite pigmented but it is a sheer formulation so your lips might change the colour slightly. This really reminds me of a gloss version of Chanel's Holiday Nail Polish and I think it will be perfect for the summer.

The texture of this is quite balmy so isn't sticky or tacky at all and it doesn't dry out my lips. I get approximately 3 hours wear out of this before it starts to fade away. It comes in the standard clear plastic tube with a longish doe foot wand, it also has a strange sweet scent- I can't quite put my finger on it but it smells a little artificial but luckily it doesn't linger for too long.

Revlon Sizzle (daylight)

Revlon Sizzle (flash)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mac Sail La Vie Lipstick Swatch, Review & Dupes (Hey Sailor)

This was probably the item from Hey Sailor that I was most looking forward to. Sail La Vie is a bright medium orange with a lot of red undertones. It's a satin finish but it's very pigmented so reminded me of a amplified, you get opaque coverage in one swipe and it has a semi glossy finish.

I get approximately 5 hours wear from this shade before it starts to fade, but it does leave behind quite a strong stain on your lips. I don't find it hydrating (although it's not drying) so I would always prep with balm before using this.  As I'm sure most of you know this colour comes in limited edition packaging so expect to pay a bit more.

Mac Sail La Vie (daylight)

Mac Sail La Vie (flash)

Mac Toxic Tale is pinker, Mac Lady Danger is similar but more red, Mac Vegas Volt is paler and more peach, Lancome Miss Coquelicot is paler and more peach, Bobbi Brown Atomic Orange is a bit more orange.
* I think I have something more similar in my non-Mac stash so will update when I've had a chance to find it!

From left: Mac Sail La Vie, Mac Toxic Tale, Mac Lady Danger, Mac Vegas Volt, Lancome Miss Coquelicot, Bobbi Brown Atomic Orange

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dior Bronze Protection Solaire SPF 15 Review

Dior Bronze Protection Solaire Beautifying Protective Suncare in SPF 15 For Body. I came across this on a recent shopping trip and decided to take the plunge as I needed something to pop on when I was walking around town (I live mainly in Southern Spain so it is always pretty warm & sunny).  I haven't used Dior Suncare before and to be honest I wasn't aware they made any! The first thing I noticed was the scent- it's beautiful! A bit like Monoi or Frangipani, reminds me of tropical holidays, jasmine and coconuts, it's by far the nicest smelling sun range I've ever come across.

It's a 200ml spray bottle, the lotion is white and quite runny. It blends into the skin very quickly and leaves no residue or stickiness but it still feels hydrating. Usually I used the Institut Esthederm lotion which are amazing but very expensive so I think I'll save those for the summer time when it's ultra hot. I haven't experienced any breakouts or reactions to this so far- will keep you posted if that changes though.

* FYI: I have blonde hair and am naturally fair but as I live in a hot climate and do a lot of sport outside I tan quite easily, I will burn very occasionally but try to avoid it so always use sun protection.

Chanel Tentation (541) Nail Polish Swatch, Review & Dupes (Les Roses Ultimes De Chanel)

Chanel Le Vernis in 541 Tentation is a medium-dark raspberry pink with fuchsia shimmer and was launched in the Les Roses Ultimes De Chanel. It's super smooth and pigmented, I used two coats for good coverage. Unusually for Chanel the shimmer is quite strong as is visible in non direct light. I couldn't find anything like this in my collection- the shimmer does make it stand out from the rest but the base color is similar to China Glaze Heli-Yum or Estee Lauder Fuchsia, Chanel's Pulsion is more blue toned. Tentation has a glossy finish and lasts about 3-4 days on me before I notice any tip wear. 

Chanel Tentation (flash)

Chanel Tentation (daylight, outdoors)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mac Au Rose Suntints Lip Balm Swatch & Review (Hey Sailor)

Mac Suntints Liquid Lip Balm in Au Rose is a warm peachy pink with golden shimmer. This is my favourite of this years Suntints, it's quite sheer but I do like the subtle colour and golden sparkle, I think this shade will suit a lot of people. As with my earlier review of Abalone, these are not very hydrating as lip balms go so if you're looking for a moisturising everyday balm- this might not be for you. I think these work well when you're in a snip, want a touch of colour and to protect your lips (as these have a SPF 20) so my plan is to use these when I'm at the beach to save packing multiple products.

I typically get about 2 hours wear from these before touching up. They are quite thick and a little bit tacky. I can just about detect a faint sweetish vanilla scent but it doesn't linger once applied.

Mac Au Rose (daylight)

Mac Au Rose (flash)

Mac Feeling Fresh Eyeshadow Swatch & Review (Hey Sailor)

 Mac Feeling Fresh Eyeshadow is a bright emerald green with shimmer. It's a frost shadow although I was a little disappointed with the texture of this one, it was a bit dry and hard, you can get opaque coverage but only if you build up a few layers on top of a sticky base (like a primer or cream shadow). So it's a bit of a pain to work with but the colour is really beautiful and I don't have anything quite like it.

 I get about 8 hours wear from this if I use a good base but I found that by the 8th hour it had faded quite a bit around the edges. Like the rest of the Hey Sailor Collection it comes in special packaging so the price is slightly higher.

Mac Feeling Fresh (flash)

Mac Feeling Fresh (daylight)

Mac Feeling Fresh (flash)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mac Red Racer Lipstick Swatch & Review (Hey Sailor)

 Mac Red Racer Lipstick is a medium red and a satin finish with no shimmer. I think people's milage will really vary with this lipstick, it's supposed to have a yellow undertone which you can see in some lights but once applied I find this turns more pink and a bit darker. It has a semi shiny finish and is very pigmented so is opaque in one swipe, once it wears off you are left with a red stain on the lips.

 I found this lasted about 5 hours on me before it started to fade into a stain. I don't find the satin formula drying (nor do I find it hydrating) but I would recommend applying a balm before using these. It's also worth noting that these lipsticks from the Hey Sailor collection are more expensive that the standard shades on account of the special packaging.
Mac Red Racer (daylight)

Mac Red Racer (flash)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mac Nude On Board Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder Swatch & Review (Hey Sailor)m

Mac Nude On Board Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder is a soft yellow toned beige tan with subtle gold glitter flecks. This is Mac's newest bronzer formula, I love the way it applies smoothly and you can build up the colour. It's not as shimmery as some of their other powders eg refined enriched bronze, refined golden etc.. but it is probably best suited to use this as a traditional bronzer rather than a contour. I would say this was good for pale-medium skintones.

 I found this lasted a good 10 hours before it started to fade around the edges slightly. I think this is slightly more expensive than the normal bronzer, probably due to the packaging and new formula, but I think if you're in the market for a powder this one is well worth the extra investment. As far as I know it is limited edition but hopefully Mac will relaunch it in the future as it is a lovely product.

Mac Nude On Board (Daylight)

Mac Nude On Board (Flash)

Chanel Delight Nail Polish 607 Swatch & Review (Summertime De Chanel)

Chanel Le Vernis in 607 Delight is a pale bronzy rose-gold. This has been released with the Summertime De Chanel Collection so I'm not sure if it's limited edition or not. I've seen many photos of it online but they haven't captured it that accurately (it sort of looked quite dark and bronze) so I wasn't really expecting to like it. In real life however it is much paler and looks like rose gold to me, it's pretty much everything I wanted Deborah Lippmann's Glamourous Life to be! It applies smoothly and with opaque coverage (I used two coats here), plus it dried quickly with a shiny finish so I didn't need topcoat.

Texture wise it's very similar to Graphite from the Autumn collection so it's very sparkly but as it's Chanel it has been done in a very refined way. This lasted me 4 days before I noticed any tip wear, the photos were taken on day 3 with no top or base coat. Overall I really (and unexpectedly) like this colour, no doubt it will inspire many copies but if you're like me and are a bit of a Chanelphile then this one is a must-have.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mac Abalone Suntints Lip Balm Swatch & Review (Hey Sailor)

 Mac has rereleased their suntint lip balms for summer, they come in the same squeezy tube which has been decorated with the Hey Sailor blue stripes. Abalone is a sheer hot pink with no shimmer, it gives a little colour but is mainly clear. It has a nice glossy shine and a light sweetish scent. The main problem with these I found the last time around was that they weren't particularly hydrating, and I'm afraid to say that hasn't changed much. I do like the way it has a built in SPF 20 so it's perfect for the beach but as an everyday lip balm I personally find it doesn't give enough moisture.

Abalone has quite a thick texture and I get about 2 hours before I need to reapply.

Mac Abalone (daylight)

Mac Abalone (flash)

Mac Crew High-Light Powder Swatch & Review (Hey Sailor)

Mac Crew High-Light Powder is a mix of pale pink, lilac and apricot with a cream overlay. It's a satin matte finish which is quite unusual for a highlighter so if you're looking for something shimmery like a Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick this is not for you. I also find that on my pale-medium skin this is far too pink to act as a highlight- it's much more of a pink blush on me. If you mix all the shades together (it's hard to pick up all the shades individually) you get a pale pink- a bit like Pink Swoon.

I used this as a blush and it lasted a good 8 hours before the edges started to fade. It's quite a dusty sort of powder so if you have dark skin it's best to try it out before you buy as it could potentially look a little chalky. Overall it's a nice product, not the most unique but I do like the new packaging. Temptalia kindly scraped off the top layer of beige and revealed that it doesn't go all the way through so with time it will come out as a darker pink.

Mac Crew (daylight)

Mac Crew (flash)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chanel Calypso 337 Glossimer Swatch & Review (Summertime De Chanel)

Chanel has recently released its Summertime De Chanel Collection which includes lots of vibrant oranges and beige tan shades. I picked up the Glossimer in 337 Calypso, Le Vernis in Holiday and Delight and Soleil Tan in Sable Beige (reviews coming soon). Calypso is a very bright coral orange with lots of gold and pink sparkle. This is one of the most pigmented Glossimers I've seen from Chanel in a long time. You get a good dose of colour but a small amount of your own lip colour shows through so it may vary on person to person depending on the pigmentation of their lips.

Glossimers are non sticky and I can't detect any scent. It's quite a thick gloss with a balm-like texture. They are one of the more hydrating lip glosses on the market and I roughly get about 3 hours before it needs touching up.

Chanel Calypso (daylight)

Chanel Calypso (flash)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Chanel L'Exuberante Rouge Allure Velvet Swatch & Review

Chanel L'Exuberante Rouge Allure Velvet is a bright mid tone raspberry pink with cool undertones.  It has a lovely smooth texture that is fully opaque in one swipe and has a semi matte, velvety finish. Like La Distinguee, which I reviewed earlier, it isn't drying as some matte lipsticks can be. I typically get about 5 hours with these and once they've worn away it leaves behind quite a strong pink stain. It's quite similar to Mac Girl About Town or Nars Schiap.

It comes in the standard click up Rouge Allure packaging which has a black outer shell and a gold metal inner tube, it's quite heavy so you wouldn't want too many of these lurking in your handbag at once.
Chanel L'Exuberante (daylight)

Chanel L'Exuberante (flash)

Bourjois 123 Perfect (53 Light Beige) Foundation Swatch & Review

123 Perfect is the latest foundation from Bourjois, I came across this whilst browsing in Boots but I haven't seen this around in Spain yet so I'm not sure of its availability worldwide. It's supposed to have 3 correcting pigments (yellow, mauve and green) and 16 hour wear time. I find it's very similar to Chanel Perfection Lumiere, perhaps a slightly more matte finish (although this isn't that surprising considering it's part of the same company).

I picked up 53 Light Beige but I've noticed that it dries down a little darker than Healthy Mix or Healthy Mix Serum. It has a gel like texture with medium coverage and blends in with the skin perfectly to give an invisible finish. I would say that this is more suitable for normal-oily skin types as it is quite mattifying. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump nozzle. Overall this is yet another really lovely foundation from Bourjois and at a great price point.

Bourjois 123 Perfect 53 (daylight)

Bourjois 123 Perfect 53 (flash)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guerlain Giulette Rouge G (63) Swatch & Review

Guerlain 63 Giulette Rouge G is a vibrant warm pink with golden shimmer. This is quite probably my favorite shade out of all the Rouge G range, it has a soft creamy texture which applies smoothly and is opaque in one swipe. I also find them one of the most hydrating lipsticks on the market, my lips never feel parched once I've been wearing these, nor do they enhance any dry areas or imperfections. This shade on average lasts about 6 hours on me, and it doesn't leave a strange ring around my lips as it wears off, just a pretty subtle stain.

It comes in the classic Rouge G packaging- a hefty metal case with a flip top mirror, it's a piece of art but not so practical for carrying in your handbag (it's very heavy and I'm paranoid the lid will fall off). These are expensive lipsticks, there's no getting away from that fact, but I think if you find a shade you adore it is worth the investment.

Guerlain Giulette (daylight)

Guerlain Giulette (flash)