Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guerlain Terra Azzurra Swatch & Review From Pucci Collection

Probably the most anticipated item of the Guerlain Pucci Summer Collection is this- the Terra Azzurra. It's a beautiful bronzer and blush duo house in a circular (wooden?) pot which closes magnetically, very much like Terra Inca from last year. The bronzer side is a soft orange toned brown, Guerlain is particularly renowned for their bronzers and this one is just as lovely as their permanent collection. The other side is a mixture of orange/peach, pink and cream stripes, once blended they produce a peachy pink with a slight shimmer. Alternatively you can combine the entire palette to get a darkish peachy color.

Terra Azzurra also comes packaged with this very cute Pucci print pouch. It is highly scented of Jasmine ( I think) which I love but if you have sensitive skin you might want to try before buying. Overall you get a pretty decent amount of product (16g) which is how I justify the high price tag. As I said in my Perles D'Azur review here this isn't supposed to be out in the UK until around June but I found mine in London already so you should keep your eyes peeled!

Guerlain Terra Azzurra (daylight)

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