Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chanel Teheran Rouge Coco Lipstick Swatch & Review

 Chanel Rouge Coco in 56 Teheran is a bright pink coral with a soft frosty shimmer. As this is one of the Rouge Coco lipsticks it's pretty pigmented and I get full coverage in 1 or 2 swipes. It's fairly frosty so I think this shade can scare off a lot of people, it can look very pretty and it's much subtler than say, a Mac Frost but it's also possible to tone it down with a gloss on top.

The consistency is rather waxy so I get about 4 hours wear from it due to it's lack of slip. The payoff is that I don't find them hydrating so I tend to prep my lips with balm a good 10 mins before application. It's lightly perfumed with a sweet rosy scent but doesn't linger once applied.

Chanel Teheran Rouge Coco (daylight)

Chanel Teheran Rouge Coco (flash)

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