Friday, May 25, 2012

Dior Bronze Protection Solaire SPF 15 Review

Dior Bronze Protection Solaire Beautifying Protective Suncare in SPF 15 For Body. I came across this on a recent shopping trip and decided to take the plunge as I needed something to pop on when I was walking around town (I live mainly in Southern Spain so it is always pretty warm & sunny).  I haven't used Dior Suncare before and to be honest I wasn't aware they made any! The first thing I noticed was the scent- it's beautiful! A bit like Monoi or Frangipani, reminds me of tropical holidays, jasmine and coconuts, it's by far the nicest smelling sun range I've ever come across.

It's a 200ml spray bottle, the lotion is white and quite runny. It blends into the skin very quickly and leaves no residue or stickiness but it still feels hydrating. Usually I used the Institut Esthederm lotion which are amazing but very expensive so I think I'll save those for the summer time when it's ultra hot. I haven't experienced any breakouts or reactions to this so far- will keep you posted if that changes though.

* FYI: I have blonde hair and am naturally fair but as I live in a hot climate and do a lot of sport outside I tan quite easily, I will burn very occasionally but try to avoid it so always use sun protection.

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