Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mac Red Racer Lipstick Swatch & Review (Hey Sailor)

 Mac Red Racer Lipstick is a medium red and a satin finish with no shimmer. I think people's milage will really vary with this lipstick, it's supposed to have a yellow undertone which you can see in some lights but once applied I find this turns more pink and a bit darker. It has a semi shiny finish and is very pigmented so is opaque in one swipe, once it wears off you are left with a red stain on the lips.

 I found this lasted about 5 hours on me before it started to fade into a stain. I don't find the satin formula drying (nor do I find it hydrating) but I would recommend applying a balm before using these. It's also worth noting that these lipsticks from the Hey Sailor collection are more expensive that the standard shades on account of the special packaging.
Mac Red Racer (daylight)

Mac Red Racer (flash)

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