Friday, April 11, 2014

By Terry Tea to Tan (Summer 2014) Review and Swatches


I was thrilled to spot these By Terry Summer goodies while shopping the other day. It's an interesting new formulation that is water based so you have to work quickly. If you shake vigorously you get a beautiful pearled bronzey shade that can be used as a bronzer/highlighter but if you let it lay sit it settles into a sheer tan which is perfect for all over the face (under foundation or by itself). Even though it looks quite dark in the bottle it does sheer out very easily and isn't too deep so it can be used of fair skin, although if you are extremely fair it might turn a little orangey so I would try before buying.

Above: By Terry Tea To Tan (shaken)

I must admit I found the consistency a little tricky to work with as it's so fluid, I tried placing the liquid on the back of my hand and applying with a flat kabuki but found it ran all down my hands. I think the best way would be to dab it directly onto the brush then blend out on the back of your hand to coat the brush evenly. So far I haven't experienced any breakouts from using it for a week but I will report back if that changes!

Next up- I've got a beautiful Dior FluidStick to up show you :)

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  1. Hi, can you pls add swatches (face/skin)? Readers would love to see how they are on the face for sure