Monday, July 9, 2012

Chanel Sable Beige 907 Soleil De Tan Review and Swatches (Summertime De Chanel)

Whoops- I meant to write about this when I first purchased it. In my excitement it went straight into my make up bag which is where it has been ever since. It's a lovely soft and smooth peachy-beige bronzer with just the right amount of sheen (no glittery bits here) and is made up of 7 stripes of gold, peaches and medium taupey browns. As it is on the paler side of bronze it is best suited to light-medium skintones, what is particularly lovely is that if you own a smallish brush you can pick out the beige/gold shades to double as your highlighter.

 I would say this was a bit softer (but not powdery) than last year's Chanel summer bronzers (although I still adore those too) so I think I can justify owning both. The wear time was great- a full day in warm weather and no sign of fading.

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