Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre 89 Vision Swatch & Review

Sorry about my lack of posts recently, I've been fostering a little puppy so everything is rather hectic in my household! Anyway, I came across this Illusion D'Ombre the other day in 89 Vision which is a bright yellow gold with lots of sparkles- very festive in my opinion. I haven't seen it advertised so I'm not sure if it is a Europe exclusive. It is a bit harder to work (expect a bit of fallout) with than last years release but is super pretty and has the same bouncy gel texture.  I find fingertips or a synthetic brush works best with this, it doesn't have the same opaque quality as previous shades but has a lot of glittery bits.

I got about 8 hours wear from this (with no base) before it started to look a bit patchy, although it did endure 8 hours of 35 degree heat so thumbs up for that. It's also worth noting that you must avoid touching your eyes while wearing this as it wipes off very easily.


Chanel Vision (daylight)

Chanel Vision (sunlight)

Chanel Vision (blurry to show the sparkle better!)

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