Monday, June 4, 2012

Bobbi Brown Miami Shimmer Cheek Glow Swatch & Review

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Cheek Glow in 2 Miami is a pale, warm, pink with silvery shimmer and lilac sparkles. It's part of the Miami Collection and is a gel-powder hybrid, although I find this much wetter to the touch than say the Estee Lauder Powder Gelee or Mac Extra Dimension versions. It is also not hugely pigmented so you really have to build to get some color or shine- you definitely get nothing like what the pan suggests. The major problem I have with this one is that it does have glitter particles - which are by no means huge but you can see them on the skin so this isn't a classic illuminator.

I think wear time will vary quite a lot with this one depending on your skin type- I got about 7 hours before it faded at the edges. I just applied on the very top of the cheek bones to avoid drawing attention to any blemishes or enlarged pores which is a possibility with this one. I think this can be a fun or novelty product, say for a party or so on, but if you're after a natural highlighter this might not be for you.

I've tried this with both finger application or with brushes, personally I prefer a synthetic brush as it is more hygienic and also the product clings to the fingers so to get it to transfer onto the face is a bit of a pain. Packaging is in a (slightly slimmer) Shimmer Brick style black plastic compact with a mirror under the lid.


Bobbi Brown Miami Heavily Swatched (daylight)

Bobbi Brown Miami Heavily Swatched (flash)

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