Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chanel Distraction (549) Le Vernis Nail Polish Swatch & Review (Roses Ultimes)

This was my last purchase from the Roses Ultimes from Chanel. 549 Distraction is a creamy pinky-coral with fuchsia shimmer. It has pretty good coverage, I used 2 coats here for a totally opaque finish. In the bottle you can see a very pretty but subtle pink shimmer, although sadly this does not translate on to the nails (or at least I couldn't see it unless it was in full sun and I was squinting to see it). It has a glossy sheen so you can skip top coat if you really needed to. I typically get about 3-4 days out of Chanel nail polishes before I start to see any tip wear.

Overall this is a pretty shade and would make a lovely spring manicure, but it isn't my favorite by a long way. Both Miami Peach and Orange Fizz are similar enough not to warrant owning all three (unless you really want to!) and there seem to be a lot of these sort of shades on the market right now.

Chanel Distraction (flash)

Close up!

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