Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dior Rose Bikini Ultra Gloss 664 Swatch & Review (Summer Mix Collection)

So Dior have released another collection for the summer called "Summer Mix". This time it is 4 bright jelly nail polishes and 4 candy coloured lip glosses. The first of my purchases is the bright pink gloss called Rose Bikini 664 which is a pretty watermelon shade with a creme finish and no shimmer. I would say it was semi opaque- you get a good dose of colour but is definitely not full coverage. This is a lovely summer shade which is nice and low maintenance.

 I don't find Dior glosses particularly sticky or tacky, this shade held up for a good 3 hours before fading away- although the glossiness had worn down by about 2 hours. These glosses are non drying so my lips were still pretty hydrated after wearing them. I also couldn't detect any particular scent or taste. Overall a thumbs up for this one, great for summer (if not that unique) so if you're in the market for a new pink gloss it might be worth checking out.


Dior Rose Bikini (daylight)

Dior Rose Bikini (flash)

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