Monday, June 11, 2012

Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Khol in 02 Blu Acqua Swatch and Review

I couldn't resist picking up another item from the Pucci Guerlain collection in addition to the Meteorites and Terra Azzurra. This time I chose the uber pretty Blu Acqua Khol Kajal which is a dark indigo blue with strong purple tones and a subtle blue shimmer ( but I can't really see the shimmer when swatched/worn). I find this pulls a lot more purple when on the skin compared to in the tube, which is actually fine as I think it's a lovely shade. You can use it as a liner or as a base for eyeshadows as it blends incredibly well.

The product itself is very soft and smooth- no tugging on the eye whatsoever, however you do pay for the creaminess with longevity- I get approx 6 hours wear before it needs reapplying. Having said that I did test this in a hot climate (35 degrees +) so most products would struggle in these conditions, you might find it lasts longer depending on where you live. The packaging is very chic- a deep brown twist up tube which is tapered so you don't have to sharpen (I haven't used it for long enough to need sharpening yet so I'm still undecided whether it works or not) and brightly coloured ribbons to decorate.

Guerlain Blu Acqua (daylight)

Guerlain Blu Acqua (flash)

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