Saturday, April 21, 2012

Illamasqua Static Pigment Swatch & Review

 Illamasqua Static Pigment is a iridescent white/transparent fine glitter that flashes violet. It's beautiful for layering over other shades like a smoky eye to give it a bit of drama or just by itself. This is quite similar to the Mac Reflects which are their micro glitters. I do find you need to put these over a base, ideally a cream or a primer (like a Paint Pot) to help it adhere to the eyelids better. It's also quite a good idea to put this on before doing your base so you can clean up any fallout that has dropped onto your cheeks.

The one drawback to this is the packaging. It's comes in a clear pox with a snap on lid, but the lid isn't tight fitting so I have know it to pop off and go everywhere, so I tend to save the boxes it comes in that way I know the lid won't go anywhere! You also don't get a huge amount of product with this, but having said that I've never managed to finish one (yet!).

Illamasqua Static (daylight)

Illamasqua Static (daylight)

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