Saturday, April 28, 2012

Models Own Ibiza Mix Hed Kandi Nail Polish Review & Swatch

Fresh back from my trip to the UK and the first of my many beauty purchases I've got to review is this- the Models Own Ibiza Mix nail polish from their Hed Kandi Collaboration. It's a really pretty one made up of bigger turquoise, lilac, gold and copper glitter pieces and gold, pinkish and bright blue smaller glitter bits in a clear base. This is one of those polishes that you need to dab on to get an even placement of glitter and you do need to wait until each coat is dry before attempting the next, otherwise you can accidentally move them around.

I used 3 coats here and I have pretty good coverage, but I think this was mainly designed for layering over other colours. As with most glitters this dries very quickly, I haven't used a top coat here but I think adding one would give it a nice glossy shine. I get about 5 days wear out of these, the glitter seems to hang on to my nails like glue so removal is a bit of an effort (I think the key is to soak a cotton pad in remover and press against each nail for a good 45 seconds then wipe off). The only thing I'm not so keen on is the smell, don't get me wrong- nail polish never smells good but this one seems particularly noxious! For those who are curious, this is nothing like Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday or one of the many imitations as it doesn't have the rainbow of glitters.

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