Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Abyssinian Catbird (015) Eyeshadow Review & Swatch

 Abyssinian Catbird (015) from Rouge Bunny Rouge is a beautiful khaki brown with a golden metallic finish. This sort of reminded me of a mix of Mac's Sumptuous Olive and Tempting - only much richer in pigment. It has plenty of payoff and a lovely soft silky feel so makes a perfect smokey eye shade.

It's a shame this brand is quite hard to find as they have some lovely products, they are at the higher end of the market so expect to pay a bit more for them. I do find the packaging very cute though- it also has a little mirror underneath the lid which is always handy. I get a full days wear out of this colour when I use a base (I very rarely don't use one!).

Rouge Bunny Rouge Abyssinian Catbird (daylight)

Rouge Bunny Rouge Abyssinian Catbird (flash)

I purchased mine from zuneta.com