Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mac Costa Chic Lipstick Swatch & Review

 Mac Costa Chic Lipstick is a very pretty pink coral with lots of shimmer. It's labeled as a frost lipstick but this is a lot more subtle than most frosts- it doesn't look too metallic or stand away from the face. I find that it really illuminates the face and this is the sort of shade that suits a lot of people. It has pretty opaque coverage and lasts on average about 4-5 hours on me then fades away.

This has the usual Mac creme brulee type scent which fades quickly after application, I do think that it helps to pop a bit of balm on before this as it's not very hydrating. This is part of Mac's permanent range thankfully as I always like to keep one of these in my kit!

Mac Costa Chic Lipstick (daylight)

Mac Costa Chic Lipstick (flash)

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