Saturday, April 14, 2012

LipFusion Summer Lip Plumping Gloss Review & Swatch

LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plump Color Shine in Summer is a raspberry pink-red with a strong golden shimmer and high shine. These LipFusion glosses are one of the only lip plumpers that I find properly work and I can actually see a difference. Instead of using the general method of irritating your lips to get them to swell, this uses collagen which somehow penetrates into the lips boosting them from the inside out without any stinging, burning or tingling. I actually find they also keep my lips in tip top condition and I regularly use these instead of lip balm as they do a great job of banishing any dry patches.

This one I would say is semi opaque in coverage and I find these aren't sticky but they last on average about 3 hours. There's no getting away from the fact that they are expensive as lip glosses (35 euros where I am) go but given that really it's the only product on the market I've found to give a noticeable effect, in my mind they're well worth it.

Lip Fusion Summer (daylight)

Lip Fusion Summer (flash)
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