Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mac Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish Swatch & Review

This Mac skinfinish came out with it's Extra Dimension earlier this month (although we didn't get it in Spain for some reason- but Hey Sailor is already out here so expect reviews next week!). Superb is a rosy beige with high shimmer, I've heard it's virtually identical to Estee Lauder's Gelee powders but unfortunately I don't have any to compare to. This is a very soft and highly pigmented powder and almost cream hybrid, it's best to use it on the high planes of the face and avoid any large pores.

I get a good full days wear out of this before it wears off. This sort of shade I think would suit both warm and cool skintones as it doesn't pull too pink. I know it's been one of the more popular shades in the collection but I've still seen a few of these around in London so if you think you might be interested it would be worth checking it out sooner rather than later!

Mac Superb (daylight)

Mac Superb (flash)

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